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What information can I find on the "New Order" tab?

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So you've got a new order. Congratulations! You can find your teacher's contact info, change the order to "ship to teacher", and see the teacher's survey info all in Banzai Manager.

First, log into Then find the new teacher order in the "new" tab. To pull up the teacher's order details, click on the order card on the left side.

To look at Samuel's order, just click on his card on the left. Then his order details will appear on the right. 

The order details will include the order quantity (# of class packs and # of books), the teacher's name, the order type (exclusive vs trail), the grades the teacher is using the booklets for, and the class name. If the teacher would like in-class presentations, then the topics they asked for will be listed.

Then you will have the teacher's contact information: phone number, email, and school address.


If you would like to ship the booklets directly to the teacher (instead of having them ship to your previously designated branch), then click the blue "Ship to teacher button."

Once you click that button, it will disappear.

Next to the ship to teacher button is an orange "Get help" button. This button is designed to help you get in touch with Banzai support. For more info on this, click [HERE--NEED TO ADD].  

Below these two buttons is the "Order History." Here you will see the date that John Zander ordered his booklets (4/22/15), the date that he confirmed his order (4/22/15), and the date that you requested the booklets be shipped directly to the teacher (Banzai Preparatory Academy). 

As soon as the order ships, it will be moved to the "In Transit" tab. To see more details on this tab, click here

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