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What is the order pipeline in Manager?

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With Banzai Manager, you can follow a teacher's order from the moment it's confirm it to the moment it's delivered. 

First, log in at

There are four tabs at the top of the page. Click across it to find an order, then click on the order name (left side) to pull up the order details. On this page you can find the # of booklets requested by the teacher, the name of the teacher, the school address, their phone number, etc.

The history of the order, to include the original order date, shipment date, etc., will be included at the bottom of the page. 

All new orders, once confirmed by the teacher, appear on your "New" orders tab. For details on the "New Orders" tab, click here: [INSERT LINK]


Banzai will ship these booklets within 2 days of the confirmation, and then the order will move into the "In Transit" tab. 

For details on the "In Transit" tab, click here: [INSERT LINK]

For info on how to track a shipment, click here: [INSERT LINK]

As soon as the order arrives at your Credit Union, the order will automatically move into the "To Deliver" tab. 

Need help getting in touch with the teacher and deliver their books? Click here.

Once you have delivered the box of Life Scenario booklets to the teacher's class room, click the "Mark as delivered" button. This will move the booklets to the "Delivered" tab. 

And you're done! You can of course see all previous orders in this "Delivered" tab. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Banzai Support at 888-822-6924. 


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