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What information can I find on the "In Transit" tab?

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Banzai will ship all new booklet orders within 2 business days of the teacher's confirmation of the order. Once the order has left our shipping department, the information regarding the order will move into the "In Transit" tab. 

To find the teacher's order information, click on the "In Transit" tab, then click the order listed on the left. This will pull up the order details on the right. 

The order details will include the order quantity (# of class packs and # of books), the teacher's name, the order type (exclusive vs trail), the grades the teacher is using the booklets for, and the class name. If the teacher would like in-class presentations, then the topics they asked for will be listed.

There now is a link to the order's tracking information. 

All you have to do is click "View Tracking" in the order history, and you will be taken to FedEx's website, with the order's tracking number already in place. 

The order will stay "In Transit" until it is either delivered to your local branch, or (if "Ship-to-teacher") to the local school. At that point, the order will move to the "To Deliver" tab. Click [HERE] for details on that!

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