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How do my students use Life Scenarios?

Life Scenarios are meant to go hand in hand with the Banzai website. The Life Scenarios booklet contains income, expense, or transfer transactions for students to complete. The scenarios are to be input into Banzai in order, problems from #1 to #30.

For a copy of the Life Scenario Booklet, click here.

As you're working through the booklet, if you lose your place, just look to the top of the transaction area on your computer screen. In this case, we're on Life Scenario 1: Pay Rent.

Let's walk through Life Scenario 1. According to the booklet, it is time to pay rent! Students should answer "rent" in response to Where did you spend money?


The amount due for rent is $400.00. Enter this amount under How much did you spend?


Money from our checking account is used to pay rent. Select checking account beneath Which account did you use?


Finally, click on the Rent jar to take funds. Students will be prompted to enter amount again. Enter$400.00 and click okay.

Your change in balance will be reflected in the jars to the right.

After you have successfully entered and saved a transaction, it will be shown in the History area for you to view.

You are now ready to move on to Life Scenario 2!

Stuck on Life Scenarios #15 or #27 (Reconcile your Checking Account)? Click here.

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