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What are Life Scenarios?

Click here to download Life Scenarios.

Life Scenarios tells the story of the life of a recently graduated high school student. It is the base of Banzai's curriculum, and is a gateway to helping young people learn about adult financial dilemmas. It works as a guidebook for Banzai's online simulations.

Using Life Scenarios, your students will receive fictional income and expense transactions similar to those they'll encounter in real life. As they track their progress, they will learn important life lessons about budgeting and making trade-offs.

Life Scenarios is available for download in your Teacher's Assistant, or you can download it directly by clicking here. It is possible, depending on where you teach, that you have a local sponsor – a credit union, bank, or college – who has offered to provide printed copies of Life Scenarios to your students. Click here for more information on how to place an order for Life Scenarios.

Want a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the Life Scenarios? Click here.

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