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How do I see my students' test scores?

We know it is important for you to know what concepts your students are or aren’t understanding. For this reason your students’ test scores are available to view!

As you select a class, you will see listed your student’s names. Beside their name you can see a summary of their Pretest and Posttest scores as well as their progress in Life Scenarios and The Game. 

In this case, Maddie scored 84% on the Pretest, hasn't started the Posttest, completed Life Scenarios, and started The Game. In order to view a detailed report on how Maddie did on each section, simply click on her name.

Once you're in Maddie's account, you will see a tab for each of the modules and the questions below. 

To see her progress in greater detail, simply scroll down under each tab. You can view the Life Scenarios she has completed, her progress in The Game as well as her answers to the Pretest and Posttest.

You can also make a full printout of the questions he or she answered correctly and incorrectly by printing your screen.


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