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Your internet filter is blocking Banzai!

ACTION REQUIRED: There are a number of ways schools (or districts) occasionally make it difficult for teachers to access Banzai. Banzai's software — including images, content, sounds, etc. — are delivered over a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A CDN is designed to deliver internet content to users around the U.S. at extremely high speeds. In Banzai's case, this makes for a much more pleasant experience for educators and students.

Occasionally, however, school districts — in an effort to block other, non-educational content served over the same network — unknowingly block Banzai's software.

If you're logging into Banzai, and the software is not loading properly, we highly suggest contacting your local network administrator to in order to whitelist all content from these services:

  • *
  • (
  • (Optional) MaxCDN
  • (Optional) Amazon Web Services (including S3 and EC2)

Please contact us directly at, or call 888.822.6924, if you don't think this is the problem.

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