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How do I see my students' comments?

Once students complete Banzai they are asked to write one thing they learned from Banzai that they didn't know before. This is great feedback for our teachers to see what their students are learning in the lessons.

To see your students' responses, select a class in your grading interface. You will see your students' names listed along with the columns: Pretest, Posttest, Life Scenarios, Game, and Comments.

The Comment column will have a "not started" or "complete" by each student name. 

If a student has a flag, their comment was flagged because of inappropriate content and you will not be able to view the student's remarks.

Select a student with a green box over the complete status to view their response about what they learned. 

To see all student comments at once, you will need to download the students grades to a CSV spreadsheet.

You can also print out the comments by printing your screen.

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